Hi everyone, The Veggie Gal is back!  I have been MIA for almost exactly 2 years and there is good reason I took this long break from blogging.  In the past 4 years we have moved 5 times and no neither of us are military nor do traveling sales!  We have a child with multiple disabilities and decided maybe it would be helpful to us to be near family.  First we moved to SD where my husband’s family lives and stayed for a year and a half.  Then we moved to UT where my family is but decided ultimately we love AZ and my bestest friend the Smiling Sun With Sunglassesso we looped right back around and came back home.  The coldand I are not friends at all and although I forgave all her past misgivings because, really, I just forgot how evil that little bitch can be.  Once we started hanging out again come October I realized I really just don’t like her at all!!!  Plus her best friend snowand his annoying buddy Iceare just rude and make driving a nightmare.  Also, after all that moving around to see if we could get a little more help with our daughter we found out that it AZ is the best state to live for someone with disabilities as far as availability of services go.

driving in the snow

Driving in the snow & ice, hold on for dear life!

SD snow

Typical now storm in SD! Wind chill can be -60!!

UT snow

UT snow storm, our son and dog playing in it while it is still pretty.

UT snowman

Daddy was just supposed to help make this snowman but ended up doing all the work 🙂

I do not have anything against SD or UT, they both are beautiful and have great things offer.  The summer in both places can be amazing compared to the sweltering heat of an AZ summer, but for me the tradeoff of no snow and services for our daughter make it the best place for us right now.

Once we got back to AZ we had a bunch of changes occur with jobs and family, but now things are finally settled down enough for me to realize I miss my blog and being The Veggie Gal!  So….here I am……aren’t you all excited!  Well, even if you’re not, I’m excited enough for everyone and if you hang around to check out the old and watch out for the new you might like what you see and become excited too!

For the past few months my husband and I have been setting up this new site so it is easier to find what you want and everything can be put in its own little category.  I really like organization so you get to benefit from it, see you are liking me even more now right!?  Over the next few weeks I will be adding more pages as I finish those up and it will make things even better for your navigating pleasure.

So what is in store for The Veggie Gal you ask, well I’ll tell ya!  I have so much planned that it is going to take some time to roll it all out but here is a preview.

  • New Substitution pages; Ok, your right, my Substitution page sort of sucks, I know it!  I am creating individual pages for all the things that you might want to find a substitution for with pictures of my favorite products or ingredient you will need to use as the substitution.  There will be pages for substituting Milk, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Ice Cream, Other Dairy, Butter/Oil, Meat and Everything else.
  • Natural living; My husband is an amazing do it yourselfer!  He has made our kitchen table, our bed frame, our kids bunk bed (stained with organic coffee), a canoe, and even an earthbag shed to practice for making us an earthbag home.  Plus many more DIY projects we will share as we go along.  I also am a DIY kinda gal too sometimes and make many of our own household products like homemade all-purpose cleaner, facial scrubs, toothpaste and more.
  • Vegan Kids; I am finishing up a children’s book that I wrote and will be looking to publish once the illustrations are finished (any vegan artists out there?).  With that book will be a new children’s section focused on being a plant -based, vegan kid and how parents can get their kids to eat more fruits and veggies.
  • Travel; I will be making blogposts from our trip to Alaska, a bunch of other states and a cruise we went on.  I will share what we found to eat in all those places including the small town we lived in during our time in SD.
  • Product/Restaurant reviews; I want to be able to share new product discoveries with everyone and even be able to do giveaways from some of them.  We are a busy family and sometimes making a wholesome homemade dinner just does not fit in with our time schedule so we eat out.  I have found some really great places in several of the cities I have lived and will be sharing those and all the new places I discover over time.

Those are just a few of the many things I have planned.  I have tons of ideas rolling around in this head that this list could be much longer but that is a little teaser.

Oh and while I still have your attention, (I know it is fading so hold on one more sec) I posted a new yummy recipe on my recipe page, Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad.

Alright, you can go now if you really want to but if you want to hang out a little longer start clicking around and see what you can find.  Bubye now bubye!