So over at PPK they created something called Vegan MOFO (month of food) and it is where vegan bloggers blog as often as they can for the entire month about all things vegan.  They recommend you post at least 5 times a week which is what I intend to do.  There are over 500 vegan blogs doing it this year and I am one of them!  With 4 kids, a husband and tons of other things to do this will quite a challenge but one I am excited to be part of.  I hope that the vegan word can be spread through this type of event and more people will be interested in learning more about choosing a vegan lifestyle.

There are bloggers from all over the world doing this not just in America!  Here is a link to the vegan MOFO headquarters blog roll that shows all of us taking part in this exciting event and I am excited to be on that list.  Being able to learn about all the different approaches people take to being a vegan will be most apparent this month because food bloggers will not only be posting recipes but any and all things vegan so it will get much more personal.  I love learning why someone became a vegan because the reasons vary so much from one person to the next and there are  thousands of person stories to be heard.

Another great part of the vegan mofo is it starts on World Vegan Day which is today!  World Vegan Day is an awareness day much like the other hundreds of awareness days around the globe.  For vegans it is a day to celebrate the choice you made and possibly educate others on why being a vegan is the right choice for your health, the planet and the animals.  I will not get radical on you and keep things light but some suggestions to learn more about being a vegan on world vegan day could be;

Oatmeal Waffles

Strawberry Pudding Parfait

See you tomorrow 🙂

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