zpizza review by The Veggie Gal

Zpizza is a national and even international pizza restaurant that has has restaurants in 17 states in the US.  I had heard that they had a great vegan pizza so while on a trip we decided to give it a try and yahoo, I’m so glad we did.  As many vegans, gluten free or lactose intolerant people know pizza is one of those dream foods we all wish could be mastered but usually falls short in flavor or texture.  For me, this pizza is amazing and close enough to what I remember pizza being that I am in love.

zpizza review by The Veggie Gal

This is the Berkely Vegan

On their menu page there is actually a link and photo to their gluten-free and vegan options.  This page explains all about their pizzas but goes into great detail about their vegan, and gluten-free options.  There are many vegan choices, 9 to be exact and they give all of the ingredients right there so you can see what you are getting.  They use Daiya cheese as the vegan choice of cheese and they really know how to use it.  I have myself used the Daiya cheese on a homemade pizza as well as having it on top of foods at restaurants but it does not melt as well as I would like it to.  They put it in between the toppings so it melts very nicely and since it is not on top it does not stick to your teeth like it normally can.

For their vegan meat choice which is not gluten free, they use the Gardein burger crumbles which are a perfect match for the pizza.  They have that sausage spicy kick and a great texture, I loved them on my pizza.  My daughter however does not like the spicy flavor so she opted for the fully gluten free pizza (see pic below of hers) with her own choice of toppings and loved that as well.  One note for you all, choosing your own toppings is SUPER pricey (40.00 for one little pizza!) so instead order a specific pizza and take things off or swap out, that does not change the price which is reasonable.

zpizza review by The Veggie Gal

This is the Berkely Vegan up close

Another great thing about zpizza is they are a bit healthier than the regular pizza restaurants out there because they offer high quality mostly organic ingredients that I found to be very fresh.  Plus, they use eco-friendly to go containers which is great for our mother planet although they did put the pasta on a crappy styrofoam plate (which is not eco-friendly)so….  I would say they are a touch more pricey than the regular pizza places out there but it is worth the extra couple bucks for the quality and assurance that there are good things on it.

I have to say their gluten free crust is the best gluten free anything I have ever had.  It is light and airy but sort of chewy like the crust of sourdough bread.  They do however state on their website that zpizza is not a gluten-free environment so if you are just gluten sensitive this place would work but if you have a true allergy or celiac then you should decide for yourself.

zpizza review by The Veggie Gal

This was our build your own

My youngest daughter loves pasta and can be picky about pizza and since they offer a marinara pasta we ordered that for her.  It was Horrible!  It was not a great sauce and it was extremely dry as you can see from my bad picture.  I think if we would have had them add some Daiya cheese to it for her it might have helped it a bit but I would never order that again.  They do also offer salad choices along with dressings that they say are vegan but we did not order those.

review of zpizz by The Veggie Gal

This was their gross, dry pasta

So besides the dry, nasty pasta I have to say if I had a zpizza in my town I would go often and would recommend it to anyone and everyone over all the other pizza places!


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