Puffins® Cereal is made by Barbara’s Bakery which is a company that makes natural cereal, snack bars, crackers, cookies and salty snacks. They produce many different varities and flavors for their products but today I am focusing on just one, Puffins®-Original.  The package states that their cereal is High Fiber-Low Fat-Wheat Free.  I have taken a picture of the front and sides of the package so you can see all the other things they advertise about this product including the nutritional contents.  I also took pictures of the cereal itself right from the box so you can see the color and texture of it as well.

I am a big fan of sweet cereals and so is my whole family.  We try very hard to eat as healthy as possible but when it comes to cereal it is usually either very sweet or not sweet enough and gross.  Finding a cereal that has less than 10 grams of sugar and tastes good is pretty hard and I have only found a couple out of literally hundreds and this cereal is one of them.  This cereal is lightly sweet but sweet enough to keep it tasting good but not so much that you are spinning after breakfast from your sugar rush.  The flavor is nice corn flavor that is sweet on its own and probably aids to the sweet factor without adding additional sugar.  The squares are lightly crunchy because they are hollow inside which I really like.  The fiber content that they promote on the box aids in their filling factor so you don’t need a huge breakfast and you feel full and satisfied afterward.  I of course love that they are low fat since we should all stay away from added fats as much as possible.  The wheat free component is an added bonus for anyone trying to stay away from gluten as well as everyone else because I think we should alternate our food types as much as we can.

The only down side is they get soggy very quickly in your milk (we use rice milk but I don’t think milk choice matters much).  Because they get soggy so quickly I end up eating probably more than I would normally because I only add a handful or two at a time so they don’t get soggy.  If they are too soggy they do not taste good and they sink to the bottom of the bowl.  I am not going to over judge them because of that issue just because they are so good and healthy otherwise.

Regular, name brand cereals in the grocery stores have so much sugar, added oils, added colors and flavors and added preservatives to them that who knows what we are really getting.  I like the fact they they do not have any package preservatives like most store bought cereals do including BHT which is linked to ADHD and many other issues.  Even Cheerios which are a pretty good cereal alone and are low in fat and sugar (only 1 gram) have added BHT which makes them an iffy choice for me but one I buy when in a pinch.

The verdict; I love them, my teenager loves them and so do my toddlers so I would say Puffins® Cereal is a good family choice of a healthy cereal if you want to replace your typical grocery store cereal and feel like you are sending your family off with a good start.

I give them 5 strawberries

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