The Veggie Gal is 1 year old

I can’t believe it but I have been blogging for one whole year now!  When I started this blog it was really to show a few family members that I care deeply about that eating a plant based, vegan diet can be easy, tasty and change your health for the better.  I really wanted them to make the switch so that they could be in my life longer and I would not have to worry about them being consumed by one of the many horrible diseases that come along with eating the SAD diet.  Well, unfortunately those people have made no such changes in their eating habits and continue to worry me but I have had to let go of the idea that I can change anyone and just live by example and take care of my own family.  I can only hope that they do not have to learn by having a heart attack, developing cancer or some other horrible disease.

With this one year mark comes a big change for me and that is moving from the big city of Phoenix Arizona to a small rural town in South Dakota.  This was a big decision for our family and one we did not make lightly.  It is going to be quite a switch to go from one extreme to another in more ways than just the weather.  I have not seen the snow in over 6 years and it is very beautiful here because the temperature gets so cold that it actually looks like silver sparkles are falling from the sky some days.  I can say that I did not miss shoveling snow or driving on icy streets but I can also say that it is wonderful to watch my two little ones faces as they watch the snow fall, go sledding or just play in it.

I thought moving to a small town in the mid-west would be difficult being a vegan because I would not be able to find what I needed at the stores and would stand out like a sore thumb.   I was surprised to find that other than a few select things I can pretty much get anything I need and what I can’t find the adorable little natural/co-op store will order it.  They of course will charge twice would I would have paid in the big city to get it here but that is probably better that I stay away from the naughty treats anyway.

The other surprising thing is that there are other vegans here and even a couple of raw vegans.  I have yet to meet any of the vegans but I’m sure once we get out from under the blankets of snow I might.  I think the word is spreading enough that you can find a few of us in every corner of the world now 🙂

A big adjustment is all the hunters and hunting commercials than run on television.    On almost every business door there are signs that say “Welcome Hunters!” (during hunting season of course).  Even during election time T.V. commercials show the candidate standing next to their truck, holding a gun in hunting gear to make their plea to become the next whatever.  I have never seen such a thing.

I am looking forward to living a slower paced life filled with more family, friends and fun.  I hope to be able to contribute in some educational way to the local community on healthy eating and maybe get a few people to change their lives for the better by making the switch or at the least open a few minds to plant based side dishes at least.

A change I am hoping to make this year to this blog is to make it more personal.  Originally my plan was to put up recipes to help people see that you don’t have to sacrifice too much to be healthy but also to share my stories.  I had posted my husband’s 21 day vegan kickstart, my 30 day food diary  as well as my master cleanse experience.  I want to expand on those things and do a healthier version of my 30 day food diary (the one posted is a bit naughtier than I am trying to be now) as well as anything else that fits into the blog.

Another change I would like to make is to improve the recipe page, I know I said I would do this before but life got crazy and I still have that goal.  I know it is just one Looooong list of recipes and not organized as well a it could be.  I will seperate the recipes into categories so that they are easier to sort through.  I would love suggestions of what YOU would like to see so I can consider that with the redesign.

One day (maybe sooner than later) I would like to add a video section.  I love music, hard rock music, and would love to cook some recipes while playing some of my favorite songs.  I also will link to some of the amazing videos from some of my favorite vegan doctors so everything is in one place.  Again, I would love any suggestions for additions that would make this site the best site for YOU.

Thank you all for visiting my site and any social networking promotion you may have done to help it spread to more people.

Kim~The Veggie Gal 🙂