My youngest son just celebrated his 9th birthday.  He was king for the day and got to order whatever he wanted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We swam in the pool and he opened presents after we ate the homemade chocolate ice cream and cake he ordered.  It was pretty low key, which is great for mama!

I wondered and then of course worried that low key was not enough for him.  I asked him if wished he would have had another big party like the Minecraft birthday party he had two years ago.  Luckily for me he said “big birthdays are good sometimes, but small ones are good too.  It was a good day mom.”  Yay!  Whew, that tamed my mama guilt.

I agree with him, big is fun sometimes and I went big when I threw him the Minecraft birthday party and want to share it with you.  Please excuse the poor quality photos.  I was learning how to use my new camera and many of the photos turned out blurry 🙁

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Minecraft Birthday Party

Planning a Minecraft Birthday Party

Two years ago we had a theme birthday party based on my sons favorite video game, Minecraft.  I am not the craftiest person in the world but I figured Pinterest had enough ideas that I could pretend I was while giving him an amazing memory.  I looked at all the incredible things other moms did and began to doubt myself.  Oh man, these women are creative and talented.  I mean have you seen the cakes that some people make!  I decided to stop doubting myself and do the best I could do.  Besides, he has not seen the amazing cakes on Pinterest and would be happy with just eating a cake.

I searching Pinterest for Minecraft birthday party ideas and started brainstorming how to make it work with the snacks I wanted to serve.  Being vegan I associated possibly party snacks to the game tools and made a grocery list.   I then searched Pinterest for free Minecraft printables and found some awesome sword printables.  I finished my research with what games I thought would be fun for the kids (listed below).

Over the course of a week I printed out the swords, Steve’s face (to glue to a box), and the tools to represent the snacks I had bought.  I bought a padded poster board and used a glue stick to glue one side of each sword onto the board, using every little bit of space I could.   Once the glue was dry I cut out the swords using a xacto knife.  Once the sword was cut out I glued the other side of the printed sword on.  OMG, cutting that out SUCKED!  I was not able to cut them all out so instead of giving each child a sword as planned, I used them as decoration.  I do not recommend using padded poster board.  I would suggest something thinner and easier to cut such as cardboard sheets or an old box.

Minecraft swords

Minecraft Sword Printouts

Minecraft Birthday Party Minecraft Steve box mask

Minecraft Steve Box Mask

Minecraft Themed Games

My two oldest children are grown and based on my birthday party experience with them I kept the games to a minimum.  Generally, kids just want to just play with each and wrangling them in on a game is a challenge.  I decided on the following games to keep things simple.

Pin the Tail on the Pig

I drew the Minecraft pig character on pink poster board and made tails by gluing light pink construction paper to the ends.  Once RSVP’s came in I wrote the kids names on the tails and add two sided tape to the backs.  I used the Steve head as the blindfold.

Minecraft Pig Game

Minecraft Pig Game

Minecraft Pin the tail on the pig

Minecraft Pin The Tail On The Pig

Prize Punch Board

I placed paper cups inside a small box, put pink poster board over the top and turned it over and removed the box.  I traced around each cup and then cut the holes where I had just traced.  I taped 3 layers thick black and green tissue paper over the holes.  I placed the candy and prizes I bought inside each cup.  I  taped the tissue paper covered poster board over the front of the box , ugly side in, and cut around the edges.  I then taped a pre-measured piece around the edges so it looked pretty.  I stuck it to the wall with several pieces of folded over Scotch tape.

Minecraft Punch Box

Minecraft Punch Box

Minecraft punch box game

Kids Playing Minecraft Punch Box Game


Minecraft Party Portal

I wanted the excitement to start before you got through the door so I made the front door a big ole creeper.  I bought a large green plastic tablecloth that I colored the creeper face on with a sharpie and my homemade stencil.  Once inside the door I made a Minecraft Party Portal out of purple crepe paper streamers that the kids had to go through to get to the party.  Once the kids passed through the Minecraft party portal there  is a huge Minecraft spider on the wall to greet them.  I made the spiders out of a black balloons and black crepe paper streamers.  I used red construction paper to cut out the eyes.

Minecraft Entry Portal

Minecraft Entry Portal

Minecraft Food Table

For the rest of the decorations I kept it simple, yup I love simple!  I covered my kitchen island with a large black  plastic tablecloth and put the Steve head in the middle as the centerpiece.  The island was setup buffet style with the snacks in small green containers that I found at the dollar store.  I bought red cups and added a TNT label to it and added tall snacks to those.  I placed the signs that matched the snacks behind them.  The the kids served themselves on black or green paper plates and green silverware.  Drinks were served in the red TNT cups.

Minecraft snack bowls & Steve head centerpiece

Minecraft snack bowls & Steve head centerpiece

Time to Eat

I covered the dining table with another plastic green table cloth.  I placed two of the four swords I was able to cut out on the table.  I added an old Happy Birthday centerpiece to the middle.

I made creeper balloons that I hung in a 4 cluster above the table and another to the centerpiece of the table.  For the balloons I made a homemade template and then once the balloons were blown up I used a sharpie to color over the stencil.

The window right next to the table had black and green crepe paper streamers hanging from it.  I placed another huge spider along the top of the window and taped the other two swords to the windows.

Minecraft Party Decoration

Some of the kids enjoying Minecraft birthday cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

A Minecraft birthday party is not complete without a Minecraft birthday cake.  I work a full time job and making a professional cake is not something I have time for.  Luckily for me the Minecraft cake is a square cake that is pretty simply designed.

I turned my Best Vegan Cupcakes into a vegan cake that I knew everyone would love.  I served those cupcakes at a previous birthday party and they were a huge hit so I knew the cake would be too!

Using a Minecraft font generator, I printed his birthday wish and taped it to a popsicle stick.  What to use for the little squares on the cake had me stumped for a bit.  I avoid using products with high fructose corn syrup or artificial colorings and flavors.  I considered making own fruit roll ups but instead opted for Simply Fruit – Fruit Strips.  These strips are easy to cut into the shapes I wanted and are not filled with junk.

I added red TNT candles that I made by printing out the same TNT labels I used for the cups, shrunk down and taped on.   I placed one mini sword that I created to stab down into the cake.  I covered the bottom of the sword in plastic wrap so the blue ink did not get in the cake, I know plastic is not awesome either.

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake

Happy Birthday Boy

I’m really glad that all the kids loved the Minecraft birthday party and had fun playing the games and eating all the snacks.  But, I am most thrilled that all my hard work creating this Minecraft birthday party gave me a happy birthday boy.

Minecraft Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

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