I was a slave to the sun as a youngster and up until my mid 30’s.  My mom taught us how to get a “great tan” by laying out on one of those old tin foil blankets you bought in the little package.  We would roll those out, rub on tons of baby oil and lay there until we were crispy.

Then came tanning beds!  I loved those things; you could get your tan in 15-30 minutes a couple of times a week while getting a nice nap and a sweat detox at the same time.  I would come out of it too pink or burned more times than I can remember.  I was always covered in freckles but I knew the tan would be worth it all.  I thought I looked healthier that way and prettier too!

But now that I have hit 40 (although it started in mid 30’s) I am seeing the results of my vanity all over my arms, chest, shoulders and face!  I hate these ugly “age” marks and they do make you look older!  I have tried tons of things to make them go away naturally without spending tons of money on lasers or possibly dangerous chemical peels but nothing has work very well at all.  UNTIL last week!

I’m so excited to share this tip because it freakin works!  I did it for just 3 days and the few spots I treated faded by more than 20%.  I just need to not be lazy and do it every day for 1-2 weeks like I read on a doctor’s website.  I honestly can’t remember the name of the doctor right now and I can’t find it in my history or I would give him credit but when I find him again I will put it in here.

According to him you put this paste on any freckle, age spot, precancerous spot or wart under a bandage and within 1-2 weeks it will be gone.  I did not put it under a Band-Aid but just put in on a couple of spots on my face and left it there for probably 3 hours in the morning before showering.  I did it again for 2-4 hours at night before washing my face before bed.  It is a great scrub after your finished because you can just srub it around and it leaves your skin feeling so soft you won’t believe it.

Just mix some powdered vitamin C (don’t crush up a pill it has colors and additives-buy real powdered vitamin C it is cheap) with some liquid vitamin E.  You can prick one of the pills and use that or buy it in liquid form already.  Mix it up to what he called sludge and smear it on the spot. It is crumbly so it takes some practice but if you hold it on then slightly smear the sides out it will stick.  After it is on all the spots then pat them on firmly and it stays put (on your face).   If you try your hands or anywhere else besides your face I would try the Band-Aid.  Leave it on however long you want then rinse and you will see a difference right away and with each application it will get less and less.  Amazing!

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

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