Well indirectly at least, according to An Interview with Dr. Michael Greger it might. The factory farms around the country that house thousands upon thousands of suffering and diseased animals are one of the main culprits of all flu.  This includes the current H1N1 flu and the dreaded Avian Bird Flu (H5N1).  According to Dr. Micael Greger “before the domestication of birds about 2,500 years ago, human influenza likely didn’t even exist.”  The article further states that adopting a vegetarian diet “could still reduce the chances of the much-feared influenza epidemic. It would be even more likely to prevent unknown future diseases that, in the absence of this change, may result from farming animals intensively and from killing them for food.”

According to Dr. Michael Greger “We’ve known for 20 years that the immune function of those eating vegetarian may be superior to those eating meat. First published in 1989, researchers at the German Cancer Research Center found that although vegetarians had the same number of disease-fighting white blood cells compared to meat eaters, the immune cells of vegetarians were twice as effective in destroying their targets–not only cancer cells, but virus-infected cells as well. So a more plant-based diet may protect both now and in the future against animal-borne diseases like pandemic influenza.”

In my personal opinion factory farming is a horrendous crime against nature and all meat eaters are taking part in this horrible suffering and most of them without even knowing it.   Most people don’t know (or want to know) what is happening to these poor animals who suffer to just to end up on our plate.  I originally did not become a vegetarian and later a vegan because of the welfare of animals but once you become a vegetarian or vegan you learn what happens to these animals and you can’t ignore it.  Even though you are not taking part in their torture and destruction you know it is happening and not doing something about it is hard on the conscience.  Even doing something small like sending a video that shows the truth can make a difference.  By educating people they realized that every time they go to the store they are encouraging or discouraging the further destruction of these animals and possibly our planet by what they buy.  We do not all need to become radical animal rights activist to make a difference but we all need to be aware and not ignore what is happening in the world and these ever increasingly dangerous flu’s are showing us yet again that we need to make some serious changes before it is too late.  If not for the animals or ourselves but for the future of our children and their children and the survival of our planet.

Read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kathy-freston/flu-season-factory-farmin_b_410941.html

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