Today went well for him,  he did not feel deprived of food or low on energy.  He was busy with work but did well with what he had.  Although he did struggle a little watching a coworker eat Pizza but is dedicated to seeing this through so just walked away.

My teenage son is wanting him to quit soon so they can eat pizza or fish out somewhere.  I told my son he should join up and he gives me a funny smile and say “I know mom but I just don’t want to!”  He said it would be too hard with eating lunch at school.   I just give him a funny look because his 15 year old sister does it every day.  I chose my battles and that is not one to fight right now.  I do wear on him a bit and he knows that his choices are affecting his future health.  He is making small changes and does not complain at dinner time which is always vegan.  I don’t push too hard and through doing that he gave up milk by himself and who knows one day he might give up more.

The homemade oatmeal I packed for his breakfast did not turn out very good so he had instant oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.  He later had a 1/2 Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich and an Amy’s soup for lunch.  Bagel with pb&j  and a orange for snack.  For dinner he had the Chili Mac and Corn Bread that I made.  He LOVED the Chili Mac and is going to take it for lunch tomorrow.

My husband did not even end up having a snack after dinner because it was so good and filling so that is a bonus.  He is looking better and better each day.  I’m envious that men drop weight quicker than women do but maybe it is meant to be that way because usually they are more impatient than we are 🙂

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