Today was the typical breakfast of oatmeal and coffee.  For lunch he did not have anything besides the soup that he is sick of so he went to Baja Fresh and got a vegan burrito (“without the good stuff” he said).  He had a pb&j for a snack later in the afternoon.  For dinner we all had Chinese Cabbage Salad, Tofu Lettuce Wraps and Blueberry Muffins (I know weird mix).  He is not a fan of cabbage at all and barely tolerates tofu so he did not eat much.  I tried to make the muffins a little more healthy by replacing some of the white flour with wheat but he did not like that either.  He is so picky!

He went to the store to get some Sprite and came home with ingredients for a cake.  He said it was his vegan birthday cake.  He said because he was over the hump he deserved a cake.  HMMMM.  I guess it is not a gallon of ice cream or a big meaty pizza right!?  The funny thing is he worked at mixing it up and using vegan ingredients and cooking it and letting it cool and then frosting it and it did not turn out.  It was soggy in the middle and really just gross.  He had come in to me with the toothpick to show me and ask if it was done and I said yes then it turned out bad.  Of course I did not do that on purpose (I am too frugal for that!).  I am not sad that he did not eat it either and that I did not get temped by it so it turned out good I would say.

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