He ate his typical morning fare then was too busy for much snacking and since I was not able to pack him a lunch again he decided instead of boring soup he would go to Pei Wei again.  He is getting good at ordering vegan food.  He had a teriyaki flavored dish with rice noodles, veggies and sautéed tofu.  He brought the left over’s home for me to try and it was really good, I might switch that to my favorite from there.

He was full late into the day because of that so he said I did not need to make him a big dinner.  Since I had a health meeting that night I was happy to not have to cook.  PB&J for the kids and he would eat the left over’s of his lunch.

One thing I have noticed is his breath is fresh and he does not have indigestion breath.  I think that is a great improvement to his health because he probably is not getting reflux and possibly healing his esophagus because of it.  So many people today have reflux or (GERD) and the majority of it is from dairy so eliminating that is huge for anyone who suffers with this problem.

He is now more than half way through his 21 days.  He is still dedicated to seeing it through but does want to eat what he calls “real food” again soon.  The funny thing is what he is eating now is more “real” than what he ate before because of the increased fruits, vegetables and grains.  Oh well I will wait to see what will happen by the end of everything and maybe he will not go 100% back to the way he used to eat because he will look and feel better and be motivated to keep that with him.  Time will tell.

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