My husband seems dedicated to staying on the 21 day Vegan Kickstart.  He is however struggling with feeling full enough in the day with what I have sent with him.  I need to be sure to make enough food at night to send as left overs and pack more snacks for him.  He had Amy’s soup for lunch but was still hungry so he also ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  PB&J are ok sometimes but are as we all know high in fat.  I do send him with pure fruit jelly so at least he is getting something good and the peanut butter I bought has no added oils or sugar just salt so that is not as horrible as most.

He is eating the instant oatmeal every day for breakfast at work and although it is better than bacon, eggs or ham it is still processed so I want to try and make extra whole oats one day to send with him to warm up and see if that helps him feel full longer.

He does not seem to be feeling weak or tired (more than normal with a 4 am wake up time) so I at least know he is eating well enough.  I think that he might feel hungry sometimes because he is used to high fat, heavy meals that were centered around meat (as most American’s eat) and he is now eating low fat, lighter meals centered around fruits, vegetables, beans or grains.  Even though they have a lot of fiber and nutrients he is having to adjust to the different feeling they give him and sometimes that takes a while.  I even have days where I just need something “bad”, don’t we all!  My daily food dairy shows my naughty choices 😉

He did fair with dinner because he thought the Broccoli Bisque was good but was not a fan of the braised cucumbers (but none of us were!) and he did not like the squash with onions either.  He did like the Bruschetta but felt hungry after about an hour so he ate some Cherrio’s.  My mistake is that when I feel like eating healthy I really make everything healthy and for me that is great but for the “newbies” that is too much.  I need to mix it up a little better.  Lesson learned but now I need to put that into practice.

We are not going to weigh or measure  him every day but maybe every weekend and see how it is going.  I think being the he is a man he will lose pretty quickly at first.  He is doing a great job!

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