I’m so excited to be posting this information.  I have preached so much to my own family of the many benefits of a plant based vegan diet that my husband has decided he will do it for 21 days which is what Dr. Neal Barnard recommends for positive change.  Right now, as many of you might know there is a big promotion on the internet for The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart.  I had joined it to get new recipes and information and told him he should join.  Well, he hates what he considers spam sent to his email and reading stuff about health and recipes is just not his thing.  He said if I wanted to follow it and bring more recipes into the house and make him breakfast, pack his lunch and snacks and make his dinner he would do it.  He said that he wants to see if he will really lose some weight, see an improvement in his labs (ie cholesterol) and blood pressure, and if he would really feel better.

He will make the switch this coming Monday and over the following 21 days I will be in charge of changing his diet completely and hopefully changing his taste buds and his mind about food.  As most people know it supposedly take 21 days to make or break a habit.  According to Dr. Neal Barnard of the PCRM it is better to make major changes in your diet than it is to make small ones so you see the quickest and greatest possible results.  He also says that we need to reeducate our taste buds by making such a dramatic change.

I have found this to be true because the first week of my switch from a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet to a vegan diet was difficult and I craved dairy.  That was because I had set my preferences by eating the same types of food over and over again for most of my life.  Once I changed my choices to other types of food for a week my taste buds adjusted and became accustom to those foods.   Over the next two weeks I felt like my taste buds almost went through a detox and reset phase.  After the three weeks was over with I felt like my taste buds were clean and I could actually taste the subtle flavors of natural foods that I had not tasted before.  Now I enjoy many natural, whole foods that my husband and other people may think taste bad or as my husband says like cardboard.  I am happy that I can taste food that way and wish everyone could experience the “real” taste of food.  By making that three week major change anyone who does this can!

I will document my husband’s journey through the 21 days along with how I feel it is going for him physically, emotionally and how that is affecting the rest of us.  He will go through some detox symptoms while getting off from the “junk” the first week so that is going to be a fun time for us all.  I hope that some of you might join him on this journey and post your progress with us in the comments.  See you Monday!

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