It has been 3 weeks  since my husband got off the 21 day vegan kickstart.  I have been anxiously (more like impatiently!!) waiting for his lab results to come in and I finally got them.

I am happy and proud to say his cholesterol went down 15 points!!! It was at 165 before the diet and it went down to 150. That is a 9% drop in only 3 weeks, that is huge!  Doctors have a hard time getting cholesterol to drop that quickly with medication.  That drop is big because his cholesterol was not even considered high (by regular doctors standards-Dr. McDougall likes to see all patients at or below 150).  He did have a drop in his LDL as well.  His HDL did not change much but that is because he does not exercise and it is not at a desirable level.

We also had his blood pressure done and it went from 130/70 down to 118/64 which is really great.  The previous blood pressure is not bad, at high normal.  He previously had issues with it being higher but slowly has reduced his meat and dairy intake over the past couple of years and it took years to get it go down just 10 points.  This shows it took only 3 weeks of vegan eating for it to go down 12 points.

He will probably never be vegan but I think as time passes he will eat more healthy and plant based just because I make the meals, he is making healthier choices now and that is all I can ask for.  He said if was easier at lunch time he would just eat this way but he does not ever want to have to think about it or have to eat at the same two places.  He is exceptionally picky and that makes it even harder for him.  If he had a more open minded pallet it would be even easier.  I’m proud of him for doing such a great job and I know that the numbers on the scale, measurements, blood pressure and labs all show that it is a beneficial way to eat and he knows it.   I hope anyone thinking about trying vegan for a few weeks will take the plunge and see that it can make a world of difference in your life and it tastes good!

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