He MADE IT! 21 days of vegan eating, no meat, no cheese, and no eggs. I wondered if he would really do it and sometimes, I wondered if I could make it through as well, but here we are 21 days later and still intact. It was not a horrible ride for either of us but it was not easy either. He definitely had his cranky days and while he was losing weight I was gaining it. I was feeding him what he asked for in the way of sugary treats to keep him happy and in-turn eating them myself. I KNOW he would have lost even more had he not eaten those foods but I knew he probably would not have made it otherwise and I chose my battles.  Not exactly in-line with what the 21 Day Vegan Kickstart would recommend for low-fat, healthy, plant-based meals but a wonderful start.

He has never been one who is in touch with his body or his feelings so when I asked him if he feels better he easily and without thinking about it said no. I know he looks better, has a smaller belly and has lost inches all over his body. I can also say he had less back acne, better breath from less indigestion and definitely had more bowel movements (I know tmi). He joked when I said his belly looked smaller by saying “its because I am birthing 7 and 9 inch babies” (I know REALLY TMI-sorry). I had him go and get his labs drawn and I’m hopeful they will show a good change too.

So now where do we go from here? Does he keep eating a vegan diet or does he just go right back to where he was before? At this point he is anxious to go get some of the “good” stuff which is pizza and subs with lots of meat, cheese and mayo. He will have to decide on his own over the next few weeks what changes he is going to make as he sees the differences from going back to his old ways. Will he gain the weight back quickly? When he stops having easy bowel movements, gets more back acne, and get indigestion again will that make him think about a more permanent change? I honestly don’t think so. He is going to stay a meat eater but maybe a more conscientious one I hope.

Through this 21 day journey I don’t think my husband could say what he learned from it other than he knows he loves what he calls “the good stuff” and he poops more than he used to (sorry have to be honest here). Was I thinking he would become a vegan for life? No. Was I thinking he would become a vegetarian? No, but I was hoping he would notice a difference and make a more positive turn toward healthier foods and learn to appreciate them more. To learn to eat meat, cheese and eggs even more sparingly than he had been and broaden his tastes. Did that happen? I don’t know time will tell.

I can say that one thing I learned from this is that to really see a noticeable difference even for him would have been to be more drastic. For him to really notice a major difference in how he feels and how he looks he should have followed it to the letter which would have included no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no white flours and you could even go further and do no gluten as well. To really cleanse your body of the toxins it has accumulated and tastes you have acquired you need to strip all the processed or “fake” foods out of your life and go clean, whole and pure.  Even though I don’t practice this I know it is true because I have done it before through a cleanse that I do occasionally.  Again though, I knew I had to chose my battles and that would not have worked with him so I did what worked and am happy we did it.  What is going to happen from here on out I don’t know.  I am going to continue to lead by example and clean up my diet even more, probably through a cleanse and a fresh start.  I will continue to cook my meals as healthy as I can and to try and limit the sweet stuff even more and he can make his lunch choices on his own.  I’m proud of him for doing this and I know he did it for me more than he did for himself and I love him even more for it.

Final weight in and measurements:

Day 1 weight: 199.2                         Day 21 weight: 193.6 =  5.6 lbs lost

Day 1 neck: 16                                    Day 21 neck: 15 1/2 = 1/2  inch lost

Day 1 waist: 38 1/4                          Day 21 waist: 37  =  1 1/4 inches lost

Day 1 chest: 42                                  Day 21 chest: 41 1/2 = 1/2 inch lost

Day 1 arms: 12 1/2                           Day 21 arms: 11 3/4 =  3/4 inch lost

Day 1 stomach: 40                          Day 21 stomach: 39  = 1 inch lost