Today was such a junk food day it is horrible. I went to the store and my husband went with m3 which is a very bad idea. We came home with all kinds of horrible fatty and sugar filled foods to stuff ourselves with. I am pretty good about not doing that on my own but when he comes all bets are off.

We were in a hurry in the morning to go run our errands so he ate 2 Strawberry muffins with his coffee for breakfast. I’m sure that was the worst idea because he went to the store hungry and on a sugar crash and so did I.
For lunch I made him a yummy garden burger that he was happy with but of course the sugar foods and chips called to him. He pulled out a bag of chips (he read the label and it is vegan) and ate a bunch and then the rest of us joined in UGH. Then he ate his cookies that he bought (they were too loaded with bad stuff for me so I stayed away from those but again they were vegan too).

For dinner he ate the Enchiladas and thought they were ok but the problem is he tainted his taste buds all day with crap food so the real, good food did not taste as good. That is the last point he is not getting really (although I think he knows it but the urge is too strong).

After dinner he ate a couple of the cookie bars I made. Not a great healthy food day. I’m sure his weight won’t be great on Monday for the last weigh in. Hopefully the cholesterol will be though since none of these foods have that.

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