Today was his last work day on the vegan diet.  He had his usual breakfast of coffee and oatmeal.  He did not have leftovers today again so he actually stopped at Taco Bell (he calls it Taco Hell).  For some reason he does not like to eat there at all and thinks their food tastes fake and nasty.  The rest of us LOVE Taco Bell.  He got the bean burrito with no cheese and it was his first time to get it and he said it was actually pretty good.  Their beans are vegan and are very tasty in my opinion.  I used to get the bean burritos with onions and extra sauce but am not sure about the tortillas so I just get them in a cup.  If anyone knows the facts about those tortillas I would love to know!!

Later in the day he had some almonds for a snack to get him by until he came home.  We had Mac and Cheese, Roasted Broccoli and Strawberry Muffins.  I used different noodles and he was not fond of those but liked the broccoli and muffins.  during dinner he talked with my son about eating pizza on Monday night since it has been 3 weeks since either of them have had it and it is usually a weekly thing.  He has even planned on driving the extra miles to the place in the valley he thinks has the best pizza to get it.   He will drive to get his labs first thing Monday and then I’m guessing he will have a meat sandwich for lunch and the pizza for dinner.  I’m very curious as to how it is going to go as I have said before.

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