Today my husband had to do a lot of driving to do for his business so he did not end up eating lunch.  He had his oatmeal and coffee for breakfast but only had a box of cracker jax as a snack.  He had actually stopped at a quick mart to see what he could find to snack on and was really frustrated because he felt he could not find anything quick that did not have dairy, meat or eggs in it.  He saw the cracker jax and figured there was no way he could eat those and was surprised to find they are vegan.  He has really gotten good at reading labels and choosing a bit wiser.  Of course an apple or banana would have been better but I don’t know if I would have done much better with low blood sugar.

When he came home he was starving and fairly cranky  from not eating much all day and being so busy.  He was happy to see Garlic Mashed Potatoes but leery of the vegan meatloaf because I have not found a recipe that we all like.  The meatloaf was pretty nasty and he did not eat but one bite.  He said the potatoes were very good but thought the gravy was bland and not worth adding.  He of course was hungry after so he ended up eating the rest of the strawberry sherbet from the freezer.  He is excited to have this end and have some pizza.  I’m anxious to see his lab numbers and also to see how that pizza tastes.  Will it be too salty and fatty for him because he has not had it for a while or will it be even more delicious than before because he has not had it?  I’m hoping for the first of course but we will see.

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