Today he had his typical oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.  For lunch I had made him the stuff for the NOT Tuna Salad Sandwich but he forgot it.  I took it to him with a Fruity Smoothie and that kept him full enough to get him through the day.  He did have a handful of pretzels but did not need much else.

For dinner I was having a lazy day and did not feel like being creative so he suggested i make Blueberry Pancakes and hash browns.  I was at the store to get the ingredients for those items and he txt me and asked for Skittles.  I was shocked to find out that they no longer use gelatin in those (although the do have a horrible list of unthinkable ingredients like corn syrup, red dye #40 and more but still vegan I guess).  I had not had a Skittle since I was 15 years old and thought even though they still have a bunch of crap in them I might try one with him.  I came in 10 minutes after giving them to him and they were gone.  He and my 15 year old daughter had devoured them, oh well I’m better off for avoiding them right!

The great thing about the Skittles story is that he is reading labels and knows what to look for now.  I can send him to the store for a general food and not worry that he is going to come home with something that has eggs, dairy, or any other animal product in it.  He knows all the alternative names for them all too.  He pays a lot of attention to what I am doing and although sometimes I think he gets sick of hearing me talk about health and food he does let most of it sink in.  Although I do not think he will stick with a 100% vegan diet after these 21 days I think he will think a little more about what he eats and make a little better choices and maybe at least add in some good stuff.  I’m anxious to see what his labs will be after all of this work.

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