Today we are showing how boring he is keeping his breakfast but for now it is working and until we know if he will be sticking to this we will just go with what works and see the results at the end.  So he had his typical oatmeal and coffee for his breakfast and he had the same Fruity Smoothie for his mid morning snack.  For lunch he had Super Sourdough Sandwich for which I prepared all the ingredients the night before and put into zip locks.  All he had to do was throw it together.  Again for his afternoon snack he had pretzels.

He is not coming home starving anymore but I’m not sure if that is because he is adjusting to the food or just not saying anything until the 21 days are over.  For dinner he had the Alphabet Soup and Easy Garlic Bread he has never been a real big fan of soup so one bowl was enough for him.  He was not in the mood for sweets after dinner so maybe the soup leveled his blood sugar like it did mine because I did not eat sweets either and did not feel like it.  YAHOO.

I’m hoping for a change in weight at the next weigh in because he is not eating out but instead making what I send.  I guess we will see.  I did schedule labs to be drawn his last day to compare to his labs drawn 3 months ago.  I’m hoping for a noticeable change although I know that 3 weeks is barely long enough to see much but any change will be a good change.  He had been at the high end of normal for cholesterol but his triglycerides were way too high for my comfort and his blood pressure jumps around and again is too high for my comfort but not high enough for the doctors to want to give drugs.  Five days to go.

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