Today my husband had the typical oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Last night I prepared a Fruity Smoothie and then froze it. In the morning he gets it out of the freezer and then puts it in out to defrost and has it for his snack mid morning snack. It seems to work well and defrost right so that is something we will be doing for a few days to help him get his fruit in and keep the calories down.

For lunch I send him to work with a Garden Burger to warm up in his toaster oven with all the veggies cut for him to just throw on. He is able to do that when he gets back to the office for lunch pretty quickly. He had a few pretzels for an afternoon snack to get by until he gets home for dinner.

For dinner he had the Quick Spaghetti because I was feeling a bit lazy and uninspired. For desert he had some strawberry sorbet in a waffle cone (all vegan of course). He did feel a bit hungry after all of it because there were more carbs without a lot of fiber or protein.

We weighed and measured him tonight and I knew it would not be great with all the sugary foods he had been using as a replacement. He actually gained a few ounces but still lost a little around his chest and at least did not gain anything. Here is the breakdown.

Day 1 weight: 199.2 Day 7 weight:195.4 = 0.8 lbs GAINED! (sugar sugar sugar!!)

Day 1 neck: 16 Day 7 neck: 15 1/2 = the same as last week

Day 1 waist: 38 1/4 Day 7 waist: 37 1/2 = the same as last week

Day 1 chest: 42 Day 7 chest: 41 1/2 = 1/2 inches lost

Day 1 arms: 12 1/2 Day 7 arms: 12 = the same as last week

Day 1 stomach: 40 Day 7 stomach: 39 1/2 = the same as last week

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