Today was another busy day running around the town doing our weekend errands.  He had a bowl of Cherrio’s with his coffee today for breakfast.  For lunch we had another Garden Burger just like yesterday, he thinks those taste better than the Boca Burgers do.  He also ate a little bit of his left overs from Pei Wei.

For dinner we all ate a Taco Salad which he normally really likes especially with some jalapenos to top it off.  We did go shopping today to see what we could find for lunches next week.  We bought him some stuff for sandwiches where I could cut everything the night before and put it in baggies for him to just throw together.  I also got some great ideas from the 21 day Vegan Kickstart forum members (thanks!).  They gave suggestions like; using an insulated thermos to put soup in for when he is on the road, baked potatoes since they can be eaten at room temp if needed, and remembering that a lot of fast food restaurants have salads or salad bars.  I think we will make it through the next 7 days.

I am curious to see if meat and cheese taste as good when he finishes this up.  With him eating so much sugar they may taste pretty good still but I’m hoping they don’t.  I’m also hoping that maybe he will have a little bit better appreciation for “natural” flavors.  He is so sensitive to flavors and natural foods just don’t taste good to him like they do to me.  He told me recently that he never ever wants toe at lentils again.  He thinks they taste like dirt.  I think some people just have too sensitive of taste buds to enjoy the subtle flavors of some vegetables or beans.  They are the people who need more flavors added to their foods.  Dr. Barnard talks about this in his books.  I need to revisit them to see how to help with that.

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