As I mentioned in my daily food diary it was a busy day so we kept to the 3 meals for the day.  We ate really filling Breakfast Burritos for breakfast with our coffee.  We decided we would go see Avatar and with the 25 minute drive to the best theater and the 3 hour movie and the drive back we missed our snack.  WOW Avatar was amazing!  It was so beautiful and you almost felt like a kid at Disneyland watching it.  They did a wonderful job it made me want to see it again.

At the theater we decided not to get any snacks and by the time we got home we were super hungry.  The Garden Burgers were really good with the avocados and tomatoes on them and filled us up enough to wait the 2 1/2 hours until dinner.

for dinner we ended up getting Pei Wei again, the teriyaki flavored tofu and veggies on rice noodles.  My husband was out taking our son to a Metal concert so he just picked it up.  I enjoy cooking but would love to have a personal chef a lot of the time.  When I saw the chef Ellen DeGeneres has on her show and she mentioned that she never cooks and he does it all I thought that would be amazing!

My husband did well today, the food was filling and satisfying so he did not complain.  He is a little stressed thinking about how he is going to do lunch next week.  He owns a courier company and is needing to be a driver all next week so he won’t be in the office as much as he was before.  I’m racking my brain to come up with ideas that will work and not just soup in a mug.  HMMM

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