Today was good and bad but there was a turning point for my husband.  He was super cranky if he missed a meal by a few minutes and was really craving sugar foods (eg; dessert) but he did not have a headache for the first time!  Maybe he has made it over the main withdrawals from the meats and dairy products.  I will not worry about the sugar right now since we all have that problem in this house and we can work on that later.  He is adhering to the recommendations of Dr. Barnard for the 21 day vegan kickstart in that he is not eating eggs, dairy or meat so I am happy with that.

He ate cereal for breakfast along with his coffee and then he had the Mexican Quiona Salad and Fruity Smoothie for lunch.  For a mid day snack he had an orange and peanut butter and jelly bagel.  For dinner he had the Fajitas and then the sugar cravings really kicked in so he requested cake and I made a store bought cake that I veganized.  It is pretty sweet and full of junk but nothing of animal origin and right now that is the goal we can deal with sugar another time.

He is doing such a great job and I know I said I would do the weigh in and measure tonight but realized that I did the original weigh in and measure last Monday.  To make it a full 7 days I need to do it tonight and post it tomorrow so one more day…….

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