Today I fed him the Oatmeal waffles which he really likes.  They are pretty filling because of the oats and then the strawberries and orange juice give some fruit for the morning.  I have not been great about getting enough fruit into him during the week.

I ended up making him one of the Super Sourdough Sandwiches for lunch because I had been running around and was busy.  They are pretty quick and easy to throw together and since he likes them he is mostly satisfied after eating them.  He did eat a pb&j on the oatmeal waffle too for a snack in the mid day to get him through.

I had already bought the Tofurky before he had told me that he did not want to eat anything that was pretending to be anything else so we had to eat it.  He said it was ok, the vegetables he liked and he ate several of the muffin tops.  After he was still hungry so a friend of ours was over and she threw together some guacamole for him to dip some baked tortilla chips into and he liked that.

He did get a bit cranky in the afternoon after not eating for a while but the sandwich helped him with that.  He says that a lot of the time he just does not feel full very long and does not want to eat constantly.  He says he is fine doing this and says it is not really that hard at all but he does just feel like he is not fully satisfied and full.  I will do some research on that and see how I can help him feel more satisfied and full for longer periods of time.  I am going to make some oatmeal tonight for him to take to work that he can eat instead of the instant.  Maybe that will set him up for the day better like it does for me and we can go from there.

We will be doing his weight tomorrow to see how things are going.  I will also do his measurements.  I’m anxious to see if there is a change and hopeful that there is so he will be encouraged to continue going and not be discouraged.

I welcome suggestions from anyone who has more experience at this than I do or have had some successes they want to share!

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