Today my husband tried the veggie hot dogs that I, my youngest 2 and daughter love and he hated them!  He told me that from now on he does not want to eat anything that is pretending to be something else.  He said he would rather eat natural, whole and “real” food which is wonderful really.  Processed foods are less nutritious for us than whole foods and usually have additives that are questionable, vegan products included.  He said his favorite vegan meal that I make are the Super Sourdough Sandwiches and I should make them every day.  Of course I won’t be doing that but I will include them more often for him and use them as a model of types of food he likes and grow from there.

He ate his typical oatmeal with coffee in the morning, the hot dogs that he did not like, then later he had some pretzels and an orange.  When he came home had the bean burritos I a made and later as a snack had some of the dark chocolate covered almonds while we watched Food Inc.  Wow that is a movie I am going to have to talk about another time.

He had a headache again but less than the day before so I’m hoping it is getting better.  He is having low back pain lately which for him is a recurrent problem so maybe the headaches are going along with that.  I am going to really do some research this weekend for more whole and natural foods that taste good for him to take with him to work.  I’m hoping that I can find things that do not need to be heated up and are closer to raw so he has more nutrients going in, then he can feel better with more energy.  I am excited to weigh him in this weekend and see what has happened.  I am already seeing a difference in the way his shirt falls over his stomach and in his face and neck area.

No left overs to send with him tomorrow so I hope he does well with the basics he has at work and is not to bored with them.

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