Day 3 and 18 to go.  He had less of a headache today than he did yesterday but this time he only drank 1 soda.  I’m hoping he will stop drinking them all together for the remainder of the challenge to really see the benefits.  He said he has felt a little more tired than normal but I am not sure if that is diet related or in his head because of what your mind thinks you are missing when you switch away from meat.

He ate his instant oatmeal for breakfast with cup of coffee with non dairy (vegan) creamer.

For lunch he forgot the veggie hot dogs I packed for him so he ended up eating a veggie sandwich from Subway using the sweet onion sauce with all the veggies.  He was not fond of it and said it was kind of gross and soggy with the avocado spread he had them put on.  It is funny because I love them, but again I think that he does not like veggies because he does not eat them enough normally, and does not have a taste for them due to his taste buds being corrupted by animal products 🙂  That is just my spin on it.  Again, I hope that after 21 days he will enjoy healthier food more and animal products less or not at all.  We will see what next week brings.

For dinner he ate what we all ate which was Quick Spaghetti and Roasted Cauliflower.  This is usually an acceptable meal for the whole (SUPER picky) family and no one overly complains about it.  I did use whole wheat noodles tonight and the teens did not like those but the tots and my husband and I were fine with it.  I made the cookies that I mention in my daily diary and most everyone did not like them including my husband.  He took one bite and say “NO”.  He later had a bowl of of MultiGrain Cherrios for a snack.  He had a headache when he went to bed but I am not sure what that comes from, the change in diet, his neck or the soda.  He is still on board to doing the full 21 days and has not complained about wanting to stop which is great.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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