Nature is wonderfully intelligent!  It made fruits and vegetables striking to the human eye so that we could not resist biting into any one of the beautifully rainbow colored foods.  I made a trip this weekend to Whole Foods Market to buy some things I can’t get any where else and was taken by all the beautiful produce.  We all know that eating more colors is better for our health and that each fruit and vegetable has a different beneficial chemical make up.  We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of most cancers and the high antioxidants they contain help to prevent most disease but do you ever just look at their beauty?  I wanted to share these with you.

I then could not resist getting lunch while I was at Whole Foods.  I am always so excited that I have many choices and can actually go the sandwich bar and get wonderful bread with good sauces like the one on the sandwich I ordered.  I was able to get a vegan pesto sauce and vegenaise on my sandwich (I can’t get that at Subway!).  I also was able to get a vegan pizza which was super good too.  I did not take a picture of the sushi we got too but my daughter and I split that along with the pizza and the sandwich.  YUM!

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