Havana Cuba Vacation

We recently visited Havana Cuba and I wanted to share what we ate as a vegan family during our vacation along with a few tips for finding places to eat and how much it all cost.  Eating vegan in Cuba is not too challenging if you know where to eat and what to bring along.  If you prefer to watch the video to learn the tips and see the food click here or scroll down to the bottom of the article.

Eating vegan in Cuba


We did some research before we went and I highly suggest you do the same because the lack of quality internet is no joke.  Yes, there are internet hotspots where you can get an internet card for $1 an hour but it is not a very good connection so don’t plan on using it to map out your trip once you get there.  Instead, do as much pre-planning as you can.

Eating vegan in Cuba is easy if you do a bit of research beforehand and know what to look for.  I did my own research for things I thought we might want to do and where we might want to eat before our trip. I put all that information in the notes app on my smartphone and synced it so I could easily open it offline. I also installed several apps to make our trip as easy as possible.

These are some apps I suggest you download and activate before you go to Cuba that will greatly help you during your stay.

  • Ala Mesa is a restaurant mobile app for Cuba. You can find menus, basic info about restaurants, and even some reviews, all without internet access. With this app make sure you download the specific city or cities you will go to in Cuba BEFORE you go.
  • Triposo is a travel guide app that can also be used offline to find things to do along with restaurants and activities.  With this app make sure you download the specific city or cities you are going to in Cuba BEFORE you go.
  • Maps.me is a map app to help you get around the cities of Cuba. We found this app to be more reliable when using the map offline to get around the city. It even worked well while walking, most of the time.
  • Google Translate is a language app to help you communicate in the local language if you do not know Spanish. With this app make sure you download the specific language need BEFORE you go.
  • Google Keep for Android or Notes for iPhone is an app that comes standard on your smartphone. These apps are note taking apps and once synced can be viewed offline.

As stated above make sure once you install these apps, download the city, or language or anything else that is needed BEFORE you go!

I know, this seems like a bit of work but I promise it really makes ALL the difference to have a basic plan since the internet is so challenging there.


Bringing Food

As I mention in the below video, I highly suggest you bring some portable snacks along with you because eating vegan in Cuba can be a bit of a challenge if you are not prepared.    The availability of snack foods in Havana is minimal and vegan snacks are virtually impossible to find.  I did see a few vegetable carts with a few fruits but they were sparse.

Having snacks like these will help you during times at the beach, walking around in the heat, or to satisfy a craving while at your hotel.  These are some of the snacks we brought along with us or ones I wish we would have taken.

  • Granola bars are a perfect snack for tucking into your beach bag, purse or even back pocket.  We enjoy many different flavors but Kaisi’s Crunchy 7 Grain with Quinoa Bars, Chocolate Chip Chia are really great and pretty much any of the Lara Bars are our favorites.
  • Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks are one of my kid’s favorite candy-like sacks and are small enough to fit in your pocket.  They do not have all kinds of artificial additives and are sweetened with fruit juice.
  • Lenny & Larrys Cookies are great travel size snacks.  When we are on the road we allow a bit more naughty foods like these are part of our diet.  They are non GMO and come in 7 different flavors that allow everyone to have one they like!
  • Of course, I do not want to fill our bellies with junky snack food all the time so these Nothing But the Fruit Real Fruit Bites keep things balanced and are just as tasty as the naughty stuff!
  • If you are looking for something heartier that could be a make-shift lunch these Wild Garden Traditional Hummus Dip packs and a bag of Sea Salt Pita Chips will work in a pinch.
  • One of my favorite snacks that packs a big energy punch is raw almonds.  Just a handful can be a lifesaver when your blood sugar drops!

raw almonds

What My VEGAN FAMILY Ate In Cuba And How Much It COST

This video shows what we ate in Cuba as a vegan family and reviews the above tips.


Have you traveled to Cuba?

I would love to hear what you ate and where you ate it during your visit!  Please share in the comments or ask any questions you might have!