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I am excited to share this Berry Breeze review with you all because I am in LOVElove with this product!  Why is this Berry Breeze Review – One Year Later?  Well, because when I got my Berry Breeze I had about a million things going on at the time, like packing to Move to Costa Rica and I did not make the time.  Although I did not make the time to write the review, I actually did one when I got it, which I write about here.  The great thing about life getting in the way of posting that review is, I have really tested this baby out and can say after 14 months of owning it, that I love it!

A colleague of mine gave me my Berry Breeze as a gift.  He is associated with the company and when he learned that I am vegan and consume a large quantity of fruits and veggies he thought I might enjoy it.  In exchange for the Berry Breeze, he asked me to give it a truthful review on my blog and I am happy to oblige.  I have included a affiliate link to this product so you can buy one to enjoy as well.

When my college gave me the Berry Breeze I was excited to try it out, but, I was a nervous as well because I wondered, “what if I do not like it and have to give it a bad review!?”  Well, I’m happy to say that I am giving the Berry Breeze a raving review!  This thing is freakin FAN-TAB-ULOS!

Berry Breeze Review

Berry Breeze

What is a Berry Breeze?

Berry Breeze is available on Amazon for $14.95 and has over 200 reviews (as of this posting, March 2017) with an average of 4.3 stars  out of 5.  According to Berry Breeze’s website this device sanitizes the fridge with activated oxygen (O3), which reacts with surface molecules such as mold, yeast and fungus which results in a cleaner environment for your fruits and veggies. This clean environment is what helps slow spoilage and decay and they claim that it can allow food to last 2-3 times longer.

I was skeptical and thought, “hmmm, we will see about that!”  I figured if my produce could last even a few more day I would be happy.  When we were in Costa Rica a year before one of the raw vegan vendors at the Feria (farmer’s market) was selling these.  He described these claims that company makes and it sounded very convincing.  I figured if a raw foodist who consumes a higher amount of produce than I do endorses it, it must be good.  I did not buy it at that time because I did not want to deal with customs and then of course forgot about it.  Well, I guess I really needed one because now I have one, yay!

Fruit and veggies gone bad before I got my Berry Breeze.

Fruit and veggies gone bad before I got my Berry Breeze. I know, so sad and wasteful!

Putting the Berry Breeze to the Test

On the day I received my Berry Breeze, I put 4 D sized rechargeable batteries in the device, put it in the fridge, then went grocery shopping.  I bought some organic Strawberries that I usually have to eat the same day I buy them or they start to get soggy and mold quickly.  I decided to leave the strawberries in the fridge until the next day to see what would happen.

The next morning I opened the berries and to my surprise they looked exactly the same as they did when I bought them the day before!  There was not even a little soft dent or fuzz anywhere on them.  I decided I would leave them in the fridge for one more day to see what would happen.  The following day the strawberries still look really good, so good that I had to eat them – NOM.  They tasted as fresh as they normally would have that first day from the store.  Yahoo!

I decided to really test this contraption out and bought some organic raspberries that I was going to sacrifice for this experiment.  I am posting 4 days worth of pictures to show the progression of the berries until mold developed.  It took 7 days before a small amount of mold developed on just a couple of the berries.  The berries did start to dry out a little bit around day 4 but were still edible.  On day 7 I could have thrown away the couple of dried, moldy berries and enjoyed the rest, but I wanted to push it even further.  It took 9 days for the berries to become consumed by the mold (no picture of the full mold).

Berry Breeze Review: Raspberries Day 1

Berry Breeze Review: Raspberries Day 1

Berry Breeze Review Day 2

Raspberries – Day 2

Berry Breeze Review Day 4

Raspberries – Day 4

Berry Breeze Review: Raspberries - Day 7

Raspberries getting mold – Day 7

Berry Breeze Review – One Year Later, am I Still Happy?

I have had my Berry Breeze for over a year now, hence the One Year Late from the title of this post.  I can honestly say that I agree with the claims the company makes about the product.  Since I received the Berry Breeze I have saved money on what used to be a bigger waste of fruits and veggies, and my fridge rarely gets an odor.

Another advantage I have discovered is, I can put aging fruit such as avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms, or pineapple into my fridge and they last longer.

As you can tell from this post, I really love the Berry Breeze!  I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to limit fruit and vegetable spoilage while keeping their fridge smelling fresh and clean.

Full fridge with Berry Breeze

Happy produce because of my Berry Breeze

Have you tried the Berry Breeze?  What are your experiences with this product?  Comment below.

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