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Picky Eater Approved Plant-Based Vegan Recipes

Are you struggling to cook plant-based meals for picky eaters?  Do you want to know how to get picky eaters to eat more plant-based meals without pulling your hair out?

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  • Learn why some people are pickier eaters than others.
  • Learn tips and tricks to getting your picky eater to eat more plant-based foods.
  • Learn the difference between eating vegan vs whole food plant-based (wfpb).
  • Learn how to make 7 mouth-watering recipes that are picky eater approved.  Plus, get 2 bonus recipes that will have your family and friends asking for more!

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Hi, I’m Kim ~aka~ The Veggie Gal.

Here at The Veggie Gal I share how I am living a natural, plant-based vegan life in the tropics and I love to share my adventures and recipes with you.

I have been vegan for more than 10 years and was vegetarian for 25 years before that.  I love helping others learn how to bring more whole food plant-based vegan meals into their lives.  Being a mother of 4 picky eaters and wife to a picky husband I work hard to provide recipes for every type of taste.

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