Nature is wonderfully intelligent!  It made fruits and vegetables striking to the human eye so that we could not resist biting into any one of the beautifully rainbow colored foods.  I made a trip this weekend to Whole Foods Market to buy some things I can’t get any where else   Read More ...

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Today I fed him the Oatmeal waffles which he really likes.  They are pretty filling because of the oats and then the strawberries and orange juice give some fruit for the morning.  I have not been great about getting enough fruit into him during the week. I ended up making   Read More ...

Today is day 5 with 16 more to go in his 21 days of being vegan. Today he had his same old oatmeal with coffee for breakfast.  For lunch he went to the restaurant Pei Wei  and had Thai blazing noodles with veggies and tofu, spring rolls and he ordered   Read More ...

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