The number two question that people ask vegans is “where do you get your calcium if you don’t drink milk?”  The advertising that the milk companies have put on television, into magazines and even in the schools has been a successful marketing tool that has been very convincing and made   Read More ...

Nature is wonderfully intelligent!  It made fruits and vegetables striking to the human eye so that we could not resist biting into any one of the beautifully rainbow colored foods.  I made a trip this weekend to Whole Foods Market to buy some things I can’t get any where else   Read More ...

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My husband seems dedicated to staying on the 21 day Vegan Kickstart.  He is however struggling with feeling full enough in the day with what I have sent with him.  I need to be sure to make enough food at night to send as left overs and pack more snacks   Read More ...

I was a slave to the sun as a youngster and up until my mid 30’s.  My mom taught us how to get a “great tan” by laying out on one of those old tin foil blankets you bought in the little package.  We would roll those out, rub on   Read More ...

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I’m so excited to be posting this information.  I have preached so much to my own family of the many benefits of a plant based vegan diet that my husband has decided he will do it for 21 days which is what Dr. Neal Barnard recommends for positive change.  Right   Read More ...

Ok so with all that is going on in America we all are looking to the New Year to make things all better. I keep hearing “well maybe with the New Year things will turn around” Ya right! We need to get up off our little (or big) asses and   Read More ...

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I am starting this website because I really enjoy helping others become healthier.  I enjoy talking with people about health and nutrition, teaching them what I know and learning from them what they might know.  I have always been interested in better ways to be more natural with my health   Read More ...

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