As my time as a blogger has gone by I have learned a few things from looking at other blogs.  Photographs matter!  I am not a professional photographer, artist or writer so I have had to learn how to do those things as I have gone along.  I enjoy cooking   Read More ...

When I started blogging I haphazardly took pictures of the food I made and posted it without even thinking about it.  As long as it was not too blurry and showed the food I figured it was good.  WOW I was so wrong!  I had never taken a photography class   Read More ...

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Puffins® Cereal is made by Barbara’s Bakery which is a company that makes natural cereal, snack bars, crackers, cookies and salty snacks. They produce many different varities and flavors for their products but today I am focusing on just one, Puffins®-Original.  The package states that their cereal is High Fiber-Low   Read More ...

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Today I forgot to send him to work with the good oatmeal so he had to eat the instant with his one cup of coffee and creamer.  For lunch he had the left over Mexican Quiona Salad but he was out of the office so it was cold and he   Read More ...

Today was good and bad but there was a turning point for my husband.  He was super cranky if he missed a meal by a few minutes and was really craving sugar foods (eg; dessert) but he did not have a headache for the first time!  Maybe he has made   Read More ...

Today is day 5 with 16 more to go in his 21 days of being vegan. Today he had his same old oatmeal with coffee for breakfast.  For lunch he went to the restaurant Pei Wei  and had Thai blazing noodles with veggies and tofu, spring rolls and he ordered   Read More ...

Today my husband tried the veggie hot dogs that I, my youngest 2 and daughter love and he hated them!  He told me that from now on he does not want to eat anything that is pretending to be something else.  He said he would rather eat natural, whole and   Read More ...

Day 3 and 18 to go.  He had less of a headache today than he did yesterday but this time he only drank 1 soda.  I’m hoping he will stop drinking them all together for the remainder of the challenge to really see the benefits.  He said he has felt   Read More ...


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