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  • Frozen bananas (frozen the night before)
  • Frozen strawberries
  • soft dates
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Cuisine: Cooking time: No cooking time - Prep 5 mins Serving: 2+ people

    I know it is a funny name for an ice cream but the base of this wonderful creamy and delicious frozen treat is bananas instead of the traditional unhealthy dairy product so there you go! 🙂  Actually the bananas blend up so nicely that they resemble ice cream texture very closely and is so much more healthy for you.  Plus kids and husband LOVE this recipe and you can feel good about serving it.  I have even served it for breakfast when they kids are being picky.

    This is a super simple dessert that you can adjust the sweetness to by adding or subtracting the dates that you use.  The picture listed below does not have the almond milk pictured because I just forgot but I really like the Almond Breeze brand the best but really you can use whatever type of non dairy milk you like the best.

    If your dates are not super soft soak them in a little bit of the milk for about 10 minutes and pour that whole thing in the blender.  I typically buy the organic dates and the organic frozen strawberries to keep it as clean as possible.  Then just regular old bananas that have gotten super ripe which is super important!  The day before you want to make these unpeel the ripe bananas, chop them up a bit and freeze them.  I always buy two bundles of bananas when I go to the store so one bundle can get overripe and I always have them on hand.

    This will work best if you have a Vita-mix or other high powered blender but I have made it in a Magic Bullet before too or you could use a food processor and just scrape down the sides as you go until it is blended well.

    Strawberry B-Ice Cream

    Strawberry Bice Cream
    Makes: as much as you want

    Frozen bananas (freeze the night before-UN-peeled, not in the skin!)
    Frozen strawberries
    soft dates
    Unsweetened almond milk

    This is an adjust as you go recipe so add the banana to the blender knowing it will be about half of the size of the serving and then add the amount of strawberries and dates you want and slowly blend in the milk to get the desired texture you like.

    If you mess up and add to much milk then just add more of whatever kind of fruit you want it to taste more like, super easy!!  ENJOY!

    Strawberry B-Ice Cream


    Strawberry B-Ice Cream


    Strawberry B-Ice Cream

    Strawberry B-Ice Cream


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