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Cashew Cream
  • Cashews
  • Water
  • Pure maple syrup

  • Base
  • Shredded apple
  • Handfuls of various nuts
  • Raw coconut
  • Chopped dates & raisins
  • Sliced banana
  • Raspberries
  • Cuisine: Cooking time: NO cooking Prep-5-10 mins Serving: 2+ people

    To expand on my love for Cashew Cream and my experiments with the raw food diet I decided to make a wonderful breakfast parfait last week and YUM.

    This recipe works great for kids but you might have to cut back on the nuts a bit and increase the fruit.

    Fresh berries work best but I made this on the fly so I used frozen raspberries.  Get creative with what ever fruit you have on hand or like best.  I did the same with the nuts by using what I had on hand.

    I did not soak my nuts a head of time as most raw foodists do but if you want to really get the most benefit from the nuts it is best to soak them over night and either eat them freshly rinsed (which will make them a little soft) or dehydrate them back to crispness.  My dedication to raw food eating is not that far yet although I have soaked them before to just eat them and I love them that way.

    I will post exactly what I used for my parfait so it can be a starting point for your own ideas, all created around the cashew cream as the base instead of yogurt.



    Rawnola Parfait

    Rawnola Parfait

    Desired amount of Cashew Cream
    Shredded apple
    Handfuls of various nuts
    Raw coconut
    Chopped dates & raisins
    Sliced banana

    Place one layer of cashew cream on the bottom of your cup, sprinkle with nuts, coconut, apples and bananas then layer again with cashew cream.  Continue to layer until you have reached the top layer of cashew cream and sprinkle with berries.  ENJOY!


    Rawnola Parfait

    Rawnola Parfait


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