Ok so with all that is going on in America we all are looking to the New Year to make things all better. I keep hearing “well maybe with the New Year things will turn around” Ya right! We need to get up off our little (or big) asses and make it a good year. Things ARE tough right now for most, including my family but whining about it does not fix anything. YOU must make changes in your life to see a difference and not wait on the the president, your boss, your spouse or who ever else you are hoping will come and rescue you and do it yourself! This is not a new idea, we hear it all the time but usually it is wrapped in a nice package on the Today show or Oprah with tinsel, colored sprinkles and a prayer. Lets take charge of our lives and make some changes for the better. If you are visiting my site maybe it is a good time to make some dietary changes that will improve your nutrition and overall health. I am just starting this website out but if you stick with me we can take this journey together and hopefully we can all learn something from it and in the end be a leaner, healthier person!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Janet says:

    Kim, I am so glad you are starting this. You are such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the vegan diet. I look forward to learning how to incorporate this diet into my lifestyle. I already went out and bought rice cheese to try to get used to it. Pray for me! LOL. Janet

  2. Janet,

    Thank you for the compliment. We all learn as we go. I’m sure you will do well bringing new foods into your diet.

    Good luck with the rice cheese, I’m not a big fan of it but we are all different. There is a great imitation cheese that really tastes good even Ellen Degeneres talks about it on her show. The company that makes it is called Daiya foods and you can buy it at most Whole Foods. It is pricey, somewhere in the $5 per lb range but if you don’t use it much it is worth it and so tasty.

    Kim-The Veggie Gal

  3. Keri Aslanzaikandi says:

    hey there happy new year to you : )how is your georgeous family? I could not agree with you more on this!!!! I am here if ya need anything

  4. Keri,

    I’m glad you found my website. Thank you for posting your thoughts. I appreciate your kindness. If you have any suggestions feel free to share.


    Kim-The Veggie Gal

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