Did You Know!?

The benefits of flax seeds are numerous and make these little seeds worth including in your daily diet.  The best way to absorb the nutrients is to grind the flax seeds into a flax-meal.  If they are left whole the nutrients are not absorbed but they still benefit your colon health.  Below is a fun infographic with 5 benefits of flax seeds but believe me they have many more.  Check out other infographics below or discover different recipes that use flax seeds.

5 Benefits of flax seeds

How to Use Flax Seeds

My favorite way to use flax seeds is in our daily smoothies to maintain good colon health.  If you have issues with constipation ground up flax seed is the miracle you are looking for. I also use them in most of my baked goods as an egg replacer.  Sprinkle ground flax onto your salad, granola or any other dish that you don’t mind a little chewy texture added.  I always add them to my smoothie bowls!

For more ways to use flax seeds see the recipes listed below or check out my post on how to make your own flax eggs.


The facts listed are either from my own personal knowledge or from the references listed below.

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