Feria in San Isidro, Costa Rica This is the first post in my new Vegan Grocery Haul series.  I moved to Costa Rica from the US on November 4, 2016.  My vegan grocery haul in Costa Rica is a bit different than it was in the states and I want to   Read More ...

Dreaming of a Beautiful Jungle Retreat As I’ve mentioned before, moving to Costa Rica meant us stepping out of our anti social bubble to experience new things.  So when Liz (a real estate broker) called to ask if we wanted to join her and & her husband David for the night at a house in   Read More ...

This post contains affiliate links/ads, see my disclosure for details. I am excited to share this Berry Breeze review with you all because I am in LOVE with this product!  Why is this Berry Breeze Review – One Year Later?  Well, because when I got my Berry Breeze I had about a million   Read More ...

Life ALWAYS has Other Plans In Part 1 of this article, I discussed my daughter’s chronic eye infections and my struggles with trying to treat them naturally vs medically.  Once I discovered colloidal silver I was able to stay on top of the infections, as long as I did not get   Read More ...

Chronic Eye Infections Our daughter has had chronic eye infections in her left eye since she was a baby.  The ophthalmologist explained that the infections are due to her tear ducts being smaller than average because of her Down syndrome. I am a purist as much as possible and usually treat illnesses at home naturally   Read More ...

Should I Buy a Car or Use Public Transportation in Costa Rica? Buying a Car VS Using Public Transportation in Costa Rica is a very personal decision.  Let me start off by saying, you can get by without a car in Costa Rica.  Many people, Gringos and Ticos alike, rely   Read More ...

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